How to input Contact Information in your One Good Card

OGC3.0, the latest version of OGC, provides you with an extended selection of features and widgets to enhance your software experience. These additions can help you create a more powerful and efficient profile. For starters, here is how you can input your primary contact information in the best way possible.

To edit your profile:

1. Head over to and sign in to your account

2. SelectΒ Edit ProfileΒ 

Input your primary contact information

Your primary contact information includes the following

  1. Your name
  2. Your bio
  3. Your designation
  4. Your primary mobile number
  5. Your primary email address

A bio

A bio is a short description to explain who you are so that people would understand you from the get-go.

πŸ’‘It could be as short as β€œI sell dream homes” if you’re a property agent.


The designation describes your position in your company. It would also be good to include your company name here. For example, β€œDesigner at IKEA”

Primary Mobile and Primary Email

For users of OGC, it is possible that they may have multiple mobile numbers or email addresses, or they may have just one. However, regardless of the number of contact options available, the primary mobile number and email address remain the key ways in which others can get in touch with them.

Suppose your main phone number is configured as 91234123. In that case, clicking on the phone icon located at the top of your profile will prompt a pop-up window to initiate a phone call to the number you set as your primary mobile.

setting your primary mobile number

Assuming that your primary email is β€œ”; clicking the email icon located at the top of your profile will make an email draft appear with your primary email address already filled in for convenience, allowing you to save time and increase efficiency.

auto-filled email popup

πŸ’‘The number you choose as your primary email or mobile number should be phone number and email that is the easiest to reach you at.

How to edit the details that you want saved in your recipient’s contact books?

  1. To edit the details saved in someone’s phone book when they click on Save Contact on your profile, head to settings on your profile.
  2. Click on Edit Save Contact Info
  3. Adjust your contact information details accordingly
edit save contact info

πŸ’‘ After saving all your adjustments on Edit save contact info, click on Preview > Save Contact to simulate how your profile looks like when saved as a contact by someone else.

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