Customising your profile

One Good Card now has new features that helps to make customising your profile easier

This includes adding banners, profile backgrounds and adjusting colour accents. Here is an introduction to the features and tips on how you can make use of these features to start customising your profile. 


Adding banners is a great way to show off your personality or make your profile more aligned with your company brand.

  1. On your profile > Edit Profile to start customising your profile
  2. Click on the +  sign on the banner
  3. Adjust the image

adjusting the banner on your profile

💡 If your profile is a corporate profile, you can change your banner to something that aligns with your company branding.

Changing your background

Changing your background colour could also help with exuding a certain personality to viewers.

  1. On your profile > Edit Profile to start customising your profile
  2. Select the colour palette button

changing your profile

💡 When customising your profile, it’s good to stick to neutral colours so that there is a high contrast between the content and your background. Too bright of a background could be distracting. 

3. To be able to adjust your background colour to a specific colour, select Custom to begin customising your profile colours

4Select Background and adjust your colour

select your theme

💡 If you’re not sure about what colours to pick, you can either choose light or dark when prompted to pick your style and we’ll choose for you. You will only have the pick the banner image.

Accents and Icons

Customising your profile is now easier. OGC 3.0 allows you to adjust your icon and accent colours to the colour of your liking.

changing accent and icon colours

💡 In the image above, you can see icon and accent colours changing. Make sure that your icon and accent colour contrasts well with your background colour.

  1. On your profile > Edit Profile to start customising your profile
  2. Select the colour palette button
  3. To be able to adjust your background colour, select Custom
  4. Select Accent & Icons and adjust your colour
choosing a theme for your profile

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