How to use widgets to build your profile

Your entire profile is made up of a combination of widgets. Here's how you can build your profile with them. 

How to use Widgets

Now with widgets you can:

  • Section your profile neatly with Headers
  • Share more about your company by adding your Company details
  • Include additional phone numbers using Mobile Field Widget
  • Include alternative email addresses using Email Field Widget
  • Add more text for explanation purposes using Text Field 
  • Add links to your website or anywhere else using Custom Link
  • Link your social media or messaging platforms using Social Link
  • Share images using our Image Gallery 
  • Upload sales decks or other documents with File Upload Widget
  • Add your location from google maps via the Integration Widgets
input your contact information into the primary field

Shifting and deleting widgets

  1. Select Edit Profile to see the page on the right
  2. Hold the button with the six dots until the widget appears to float
  3. Shift the widget into place
  1. Select Edit Profile to see the page on the right
  2. Swipe left on the widget to see the delete button
  3. Select Delete


how to delete your widget

How to link your business WhatsApp or messaging platforms

Many users might want to link their business WhatsApp or Telegram into their profiles for easier communication.

  1. Messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram are one of the widgets available to be used on your profile
  2. Select Add Widget > Social Links
  3. Select the messaging platform of your choice.
  4. Put in your username into the empty field of the widget


💡 Head to the preview section and try clicking on your WhatsApp or Telegram to ensure that it redirects to the correct account.

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