Elevate your digital profile with Contact Form widget

Contact Form Widget: Your Digital Profile's New Addition!

Contact Forms are essential tools for lead generation, surpassing industry constraints. These forms simplify the process of connecting with you, making it easier than ever for others to reach out. Join us as we explore the pivotal role of Contact Forms in enhancing your digital profile and generating leads, regardless of your industry. In this guide, we will delve into how Contact Forms play a crucial role in boosting your online presence and cultivating leads, regardless of your industry.

How and where to find the feature?

1.  Log into your  profile on ogc.link > Edit Profile 

2.  Scroll to the bottom > Add Widget

3.  Select Contact Form

Contact Form Widget
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The Benefits of Contact Form Widget

At One Good Card, our Contact Form widget serves as a direct channel, increasing engagement and professionalism while doubling as a powerful lead-generation tool available 24/7. This Contact Form widget is not just a data collector; it is also essential for generating leads, projecting professionalism and foster meaningful connections.

Form Essentials

In the world of digital communication, the humble contact form stands as a powerful bridge connecting you and your potential clients. It's a straightforward yet invaluable tool that facilitates meaningful connections, and in this case, it comprises four essential fields: Name, Email, Mobile and Message.

One Good Card Contact Form Widget
Image from One Good Card

Notification Process: Keeping You Informed


An email will be sent directly to you!

The moment a visitor fills out your Contact Form, an email notification is triggered and sent directly to your inbox. This means you'll never miss a beat when someone reaches out. With instant notifications, you're always in the loop, enhancing efficiency and ensuring no inquiry goes unanswered.

Did we miss something?

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