Transferring your One Good Card to someone else

Suppose that an ex-employee is no longer using your company's One Good Card. Don’t let it go to waste! You can now transfer your One Good Card to someone else.

Here’s how you can transfer your One Good Card to another individual:

πŸ’‘Β Transferring your One Good Card just means you are passing the One Good Card over to the new user so they can use it as their own. This is done byΒ transferring your product serial number over. Your profile content will also be transferred over.

To transfer your OGC to someone else:

  1. Head over to SettingsΒ > Manage OGC

manage ogc page

πŸ’‘ You can only make a transfer when you have a One Good Card product linked to your account.

2. On the Manage OGC page, head to the Transfer OGC section

3. Select theΒ Transfer OGC button at the bottom to get the temporary code that is used to transfer your One Good Card

transfer ogc page

4. Select the OGC product that you would like to transfer

5. Upon selection, there should be aΒ Transfer Code that you would be able to share with your transferee

transfer ogc code

On the Receiver's phone

1. Your receiver should also head to Settings > Manage OGC

2. SelectΒ Receive OGC

3. Input the Transfer Code that was provided earlier to receive the One Good Card

4. You should be able to see your new product linked to your account.

receive ogc code

πŸ’‘ Take note that the Transfer code is only valid for 5 minutes. You can regenerate a new one if required.

How to link a new product to your account?

1. Settings > Manage OGC

2. Select the orange plus button at the top

3. Select your product

linking your profile to your product

4. Input the serial number that is found on your packaging to activate your One Good Card

serial number for activation

5. You should be able to see the newly linked product on this page

products that are linked to your profile

πŸ’‘ You can link more than one product if you have more than one One Good Card product

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